First Communion

A memorable childhood religious event

First Communion is a major event in a person's life if they are of the Roman Catholic faith. In fact, First Communion is considered to be one of the holiest events in a Roman Catholic's life. Children receive their First Communion between the ages of seven and nine. The ceremony is important because it is the first time they receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist (i.e., the body and blood of Jesus Christ). Adults receive their First Communion once they have converted to Catholicism and they have completed the requirements as dictated by their church.


Celebrating Your Child's First Communion

Be sure to consider what your child will wear to their First Communion. Typically, girls wear first communion dresses and veils and boys wear tailored clothing. Many churches have catalogs that offer specific clothing for this event. Additionally, check with your family members and friends; many of them may have some hand-me-down communion dresses and accessories. This is a nice way to pay tribute to the people in your child's life, especially if a certain piece of clothing has been passed down for generations.

Always ask the priest and other church officials what is needed from you. This includes everything from Communion preparation classes for your child to the time and date of the actual event. Different churches have different guidelines and expectations, so it is important to ask as many questions as you can.

Be sure to invite friends and family members to attend this important moment in your child's life. Send out First Holy Communion invitation cards as soon as possible so that people know about the event and can make appropriate travel plans and other arrangements so they can attend.

First Communion Gift Ideas

Because someone's First Holy Communion is a major event in their lives, it is also important to celebrate this moment by giving appropriate gifts. A First Holy Communion gift should say something about this child's entrance into the church, thus gifts with a religious them are definitely a great idea. You could give the child their own Bible or you could spring for a crucifix that signals a step into adulthood. This way, the child's First Communion will be remembered and honored, and the gifts will be related to reinforcing their faith.