Father's Day

How to create a special Father's Day card

We all want our fathers to smile when they slip our Father's Day card out of its envelope to read it for the first time. But what will make this year's card memorable? Creating a special card can be a fun job for both sons and daughters.

  1. Personalize. You know your dad better than Hallmark does, so take advantage of this. If you're buying a card, avoid generic sayings. Even a store-bought card allows for personalization if you make a careful choice. Start by making a list of activities you've shared with Dad and pick a card that references them. Did he play baseball with you every night or agonize over teaching you to drive? Look for cards that reference these activities.
  1. Tone. Be sure to consider the tone of the card too. If Dad prefers humor, steer away from sentimental verses and try something lighter, like a Shoebox card or a homemade card with words you know will make him chuckle. If he prefers a more serious message, choose one that highlights an important aspect of your relationship.
  2. Special Homemade Cards. If you're stumped with design ideas, try spicing up the conventional rectangular card with a unique shape. If Dad plays basketball with you, choose orange paper for your card and cut it out in the shape of a basketball. If you have special memories of fishing together, shape your card like the eight-inch bass he helped you catch. Still not sure what to do? Create a card that doubles as a collage. Print out digital photos of the family, and collect stubs from movies, games or museums you saw together. Cut them up and glue them on the front and inside cover of your card for an instant reminder of cherished memories.
  3. Words. Don't worry about being the next Shakespeare. If you're writing a message on your own card or enhancing a store-bought card with your own personalized blurb, try to be specific and vivid. If you're telling your father you love him, tell him why. Remind him of that night when he drove 20 miles in the rain to pick you up when your car broke down. Thank him for advice he gave you and tell him how it affected you. Recall happy memories you shared with your dad. Only you know about your relationship with your dad, and only you can write about it convincingly.

    With a little time and effort, your Father's Day card will express your thoughts in a creative, personalized way. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter whether your card is homemade or store-bought. What matters is that your dad knows you remembered him on Father's Day. That's sure to bring a smile to any father's face.

By Lauren Lebano