Kids Birthday Parties

Top 10 unique ideas for your child's birthday party

Looking for a way to make your child's birthday party extra special? You don't have to spend a fortune to host a unique birthday bash.

  1. Young kids love surprises and nothing beats a personal visit from their favorite television character or superhero. A trip to your local costume store will give you lots of ideas – then all you have to do is sweet-talk a friend or family member into playing the part!
  1. Themed parties are always a hit and the great news for the parents is that games, food and decorating decisions virtually take care of themselves once you've settled on a theme. Party themes such as Hollywood, pirates, cowboys and fairies are lots of fun, but remember to let the birthday boy or girl make the final call.
  2. Here's a twist on "pin the tail on the donkey": have a photo of your child printed in a large size (A3) and create a personalized game – for example, "pin the crown on Princess Lucy," or "Pin the baseball cap on Joel."
  3. Girls will go crazy over the idea of making their own name bracelets. Simply purchase a few bags of alphabet beads, pink round beads and some craft elastic, all of which you can buy cheaply at most discount retailers.
  4. Why not set up a mini-golf course in the backyard? You can create obstacles and features using tables, buckets – even a tent or doghouse. Hide some wrapped candies around the golf course for added amusement. Younger children can play with a toy golf set rather than the real thing.
  5. Mysteries are a lot of fun for kids. Try setting up a spy mission or grand robbery to be solved! You'll have as much fun putting out the clues as they will solving them.
  6. Let each child decorate their own party hat. On arrival, sit the kids down with a brightly-colored cone hat and craft supplies such as stickers, pipe-cleaners and pom-poms. There should of course be a prize for the hat the birthday boy or girl judges as the best!
  7. Music isn't just for certain games – remember to keep it going throughout the entire party. It makes a huge difference to the atmosphere.
  8. Include games that can be played in groups, rather than only offering games with an individual winner. This gives every child the chance to be a winner and can avoid frustration and tears.
  9. A backyard birthday party isn't the only option, and most cities have great party venues. Consider roller skating, horseback riding, bowling, amusement parks, arcades, the circus, the beach or the zoo.

Remember, it doesn't hurt to allow a period of free time for the children to play amongst themselves. As much as kids love games and prizes, it can be a bit smothering if you try to fill every minute of the party with activities.

And now... it's party time! Be creative, let your imagination run wild and you can design the birthday party of your child's dreams.

By Sarah Belle