Kids Entertainment

Proven strategies for entertaining children

A happy kid means a happy parent, so parents, we're here to help you keep your kids entertained, from birthdays and special occasions to rainy days and car rides.

Although it may seem like keeping today's kids occupied is a challenge, it really comes down to using your creativity and imagination. And occasionally, some after-school programs can help, too!

We've got great tips on getting your child involved in whatever activity peaks their fancy, from enrolling them in swimming lessons and photography classes to fostering their interest in computers or electronics. Whatever it is that makes your child happy, we can help make it work.


Let's not forget the mother lode of kid entertainment: summer camp. If your child is adventurous enough to leave the nest, we can help you find the best kids camp in terms of safety and fun.

Hey, even parents need a break sometimes - keeping your kids entertained is simply the easiest way to grab that five minutes you might need to rejuvenate. So parents, take our advice on keeping your kids occupied, and may you never hear the phrase "Are we there yet?" again!

Simple Ideas for Children's Entertainment

Inside, you'll find tons of great tips to help your child have a great time whether it's just another average day after school or during the summer, or a special occasion like a summer trip or a birthday. We've collected all kinds of creative, exciting ideas for everything from milestone birthdays to creative ways to spend Halloween and Christmas.

You'll also find a wide range of information on the many different kinds of summer camps that you can send your children to. There's a lot more out there than just plain old day camp or sports camps. You can send your child to an art, drama or music camp, or you can help him or her develop a special skill like horseback riding or martial arts.

Don't forget about regular hobby or sports lessons throughout the year, too. If your child shows a special interest or aptitude in a particular area, encourage him or her to pursue it. Don't be overbearing and forceful. Just use positive reinforcement and encouragement to steer your child to explore his or her interest in the activity or subject area. Virtually every community offers a wide range of lessons and programs for kids with just about any type of special interest.