Learning Disabilities

Assessments for learning disabilities: How to identify an LD

What is a learning disability?

A learning disability is a condition that can either prevent or hinder someone from learning basic and life skills. It is a disorder in the basic psychological processes involved in acquiring and using information through language, both written and spoken, and may show up as an inability to think, read, write, spell or listen.

The difficulties faced by a child with a learning disability

A child with a learning disability may face difficulties beyond basic and life skills. The child may experience feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, shame and low self-esteem brought on by the inability to achieve at school at the same rate as peers. Research has shown that:


Potential symptoms of learning disabilities

Below is a list of the potential symptoms of a learning disability. Be aware that not everyone will have all of these symptoms. Also, some symptoms are more common than others, and all people have at least two or three of these problems to some degree. The number of symptoms seen in a particular child is not an indication of whether the disability is mild or severe.


There are hundreds of books dedicated to learning disabilities. These are a few of the recommended titles:

There are also numerous resources online:

By Phillip Bilzon