Drivers Ed

How drivers education computer games prepare young drivers for the road

Since our lives are being shaped more and more by computers these days, it's no surprise that even how we learn to drive is now being influenced by computers and the Internet. Over the past few years, a host of driving education computer games have been released that attempt to teach new drivers the rules of the road and how to control an automobile. These games are quite popular with young people and provide a stimulating learning experience.

Drivers ed computer games can be played either on the Internet or from installed software on your home computer, and can be grouped into two different categories: video games and quizzes. Internet-based games are usually free.


Video Games

Drivers ed video games require players to move and maneuver cars using a mouse or keyboard in driving simulations. Users control vehicles in situations including parking, driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections and obeying common street signs and traffic laws. These games are usually animated in a simple but effective style, and are fairly effective in replicating what it feels like to control an automobile.

Quiz Games

Quiz-style games test the player's knowledge of driving conditions and rules of the road. These games are presented in a quiz format that involves either plain text or images, and they challenge users to correctly answer a wide variety of driving-related questions. Activities may include true-or-false questions, multiple choice or visual questions involving picture matching and analysis.

Pros and Cons

Though any type of driver education game can never provide the quality of training that first-hand experience provides, these games do serve a useful purpose. Particularly where rules of the road are concerned, driver education games are a first-rate educational tool. Quiz-style games are designed to test and improve general driving knowledge, and succeed very well at doing so. Drivers ed video games are designed to help users develop and familiarize themselves with how it feels to drive, though these are successful only to a small degree – only through actual driving experience is it possible to develop a true feel for the road.

A Great Way to Learn

Effectiveness aside, these games – particularly the video games – are a lot of fun. The free Internet-based drivers ed video games are like so many other free Internet games: wildly addictive. These games are also often presented in a fun, humorous and visually attractive style, which makes their appeal that much greater to young drivers. Drivers education games are informative, fun, challenging and are a great way to introduce young people to the world of driving.