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Home schooling materials: What every home schooler needs

Home schooling is gaining in popularity, and stores are making a fortune off parents who are unsure what to purchase. Beginners to the world of home schooling often buy as much as possible - everything they think they might need as opposed to what they actually need. Start with the basic supplies needed for home schooling, and expand from there as required.


The Basics

  1. Writing supplies. Think about what a child might need in a traditional school setting, and add those to your list. Look for markers, pencils, crayons and colored pencils to start. Remember how much fun you had as a child picking out new school supplies, and keep that in mind by adding a few fun items to the list, such as scented markers or colored pencils in unusual colors.
  2. Textbooks. Check with your state's requirements for home schooling, and focus on finding and purchasing good-quality textbooks for those subjects. Some parents decide to home school because they are unhappy with the quality of education in the public school system, but if you buy outdated or inferior textbooks, you are behaving in the same manner. Check with other home schoolers in your area or online to see what they recommend. Also, look for books that fit your child's age. It might be tempting to skip your child ahead a few grades, but stick with books geared for his or her reading level.
  3. A computer. It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can be a great learning tool for your child. There are downloadable programs and online games that can teach children more easily and more quickly than a book, while also teaching them valuable computer skills for the future.
  4. A chalkboard with colored chalk or a whiteboard with markers. Sometimes, children need visual stimulation to understand concepts, especially with math and science. Using a large board keeps their eyes focused on the work instead of wandering around the room. Using various colors to write can also keep the child interested and encourage him or her to use the markers or chalk him - or herself.
  5. The most important thing you will need is lesson plans and a curriculum. Check with local teaching supply stores for tips and advice. Most teaching supply stores offer pre-made programs for school subjects, complete with home school worksheets and lesson plans. You cannot even begin to work out what supplies you will need until you decide how and what to teach.

Home schooling is not easy, but these materials will get you started in the right direction.

By Jennifer Eblin