Home Schooling

Resources for parents who home school their children

These days, it's easy for parents to become disheartened with the public education system - from bullying and violence to ever-depleting resources and funding. Home schooling is becoming a popular avenue for parents looking for a change.

Home schooling gives you the opportunity to guide your child's education, both academically and socially. But it's not a path to embark on lightly. If you're interested in home schooling your child but aren't sure you have all the facts, take a look at our resource articles to shed some light on the subject.


The first step in home schooling is knowing your resources - who can help you and where to get the supplies you need to give your child the best education. From there, you'll need to plan a curriculum and investigate government guidelines and requirements. If home schooling is in your child's best interest, it pays to do the research.

Every child is different, and so is every parent. By determining which path of education is right for both you and your child, you can ensure your child is putting their best foot forward as they walk the path to their future.

Plan Your Child's Home Schooling Education

As a parent who's chosen to home school your child, it is your responsibility to plan every aspect of your child's education. Your first step will be to learn about the many resources available to you that can help you anticipate challenges and prepare to overcome them. You can purchase textbooks, computer software and ready-made lesson plans from home schooling supply companies to make your job easier.

However, before you can take this step, you have to know exactly what you're going to teach your child, and at what pace. You need to plan your child's home schooling and give a lot of thought both to the short term and to the long term. Every school year, you need an overall strategy, and every day, you need a lesson plan that will get you closer and closer to reaching it.

Many parents choose to supplement a structured educational program with additional home lessons. If this idea appeals to you, then you may want to learn more about alternative education possibilities, including Charlotte Mason and Montessori schooling.

Home schooling gives you the ability to customize your child's education, helping him or her develop her strengths while taking the time to address weaker or problem areas. It is also an excellent opportunity to enhance the parent-child bond, and can be a rewarding and exciting path to a bright future.