Nursing Degree

Find nursing programs in RN, LPN and CNA schools

Nursing is a smart choice of career: nurses offer valued and valuable services to society, and job security is good, since there continues to be a high demand for them.

There are several types of nursing certification. A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, works under a registered nurse in an entry-level position. An LPN, or licensed practical nurse, is state-licensed and has more responsibility and undertakes a wider range of patient care than a CNA. An RN, or registered nurse, is the most advanced nursing designation -- an RN holds a nursing degree and successfully passes a national licensing exam.


Many people who think they might like to become a registered nurse take a CNA or LPN program first to become more familiar with what nursing work entails and to better facilitate their transition into an RN degree program.

What to Look for in CNA and LPN Schools

Choosing the right school for you is the first important step in your journey to becoming a certified nursing assistant or licensed practical nurse. Some of the factors you should look at when making your decision include: