Higher Education

Get a traditional or online degree

Once you have earned your high school diploma or GED, there are almost limitless choices of postsecondary education that you can pursue. Besides the opportunity to study something that interests you and pursue a job in a related field, higher education offers practical advantages, such as higher wages -- statistics show that, on average, people who have college degrees still make more than people who don't.

These days, many postsecondary programs offer a balanced combination of in-class and online courses, allowing students to take advantage of the learning and lifestyle benefits that each type of course has to offer.


Benefits of a Traditional Classroom

One of the biggest benefits of classroom learning is hands-on training. For example, you can't conduct dangerous lab experiments for your chemistry degree, or conduct mock personal security checks for your criminal justice degree, sitting in front of your computer at home. Real-life skills have to be practiced in real life, first in the classroom and then in the field.

Another advantage of brick and mortar classes is in-person peer communication. Face-to-face discussion can not only augment student learning but can also build a strong sense of camaraderie between classmates.

Benefits of Online Degree Coursework

Some significant advantages of online college courses include: