Summer School

Make the grade in a summer school program

Traditionally, summer school has had a bad reputation: it's a place you're forced to be, it's the last place you want to be, it's worse than detention because it keeps you from the beautiful outdoors on sunny summer days, and it's worse than being grounded because you have to do schoolwork the whole time you're there.

For some students, especially those forced to attend school during the nicest days of the year, this is certainly still what summer school feels like, but others see summer school more as an opportunity than as a punishment. And the option of online courses can make the summer school experience as painless as possible for any student.


Why You Might Choose Summer School

One popular reason students choose to take a summer school course is to improve their grade in a previously taken course, especially if that grade will be one of those that will be scrutinized by college admissions representatives.

Another benefit to summer school is to take a class is a prerequisite for a more advanced one, and therefore make yourself eligible to take advanced courses sooner.

Still another advantage to taking a course or two in the summer is that, if you take courses during the summer that you would otherwise have to take during the school year, you can lighten your semester courseload, leaving you with more time to focus on the remaining courses for those semesters and/or to devote to cherished extracurriculars (e.g., being on the school yearbook committee or any of the ones you'll want to put on your college applications).

Online Summer School

Regardless of whether summer school is a want-to or a have-to for you, it doesn't have to interfere with the number of hours you get to spend outside in the sunshine during the day, or with your availability to work day shifts at your summer job. Online summer school programs allow you to get the same credit that you would in a brick and mortar summer school class, but during the times when it best suits your schedule.

In the case of a required course that must be made up or brought up to a passing grade, check first to see whether you have to get permission from your school and/or principal to take an online course in place of traditional summer school.