Earn your GED

There are all kinds of personal reasons why people find themselves unable to complete their secondary school education. Earning a GED is a great option if you do not have your grade 12 because a GED is considered equivalent documentation, meaning that it can open the same doors to you as a high school diploma.

Some of the most significant benefits of having a GED include gaining access to jobs that require the successful completion of secondary education and qualifying to apply for college programs, not to mention the improved self esteem and self confidence that comes from achieving a significant educational goal.


Choosing a GED Study Approach

You can choose from a number of GED study options. There are some very useful online resources that can help you prepare for the GED, including practice tests and explanations of answers, and even online instructors and discussion forums. However, whether in addition to or instead of online practice, many people choose to use actual GED coursebooks to work and study from -- since the GED tests are written, this strategy offers the closest replication of the GED test experience.

You will also have to decide if you prefer to study independently, or whether you might benefit from having a private tutor who specializes in GED test preparation or from attending GED classes with a trained and qualified instructor.

Preparing for Your GED Test

The GED test consists of five sections: Language Arts, Reading; Language Arts, Writing; Math; Science; and Social Studies. All of the tests are multiple choice, with the exception of the Language Arts, Writing section, which has both multiple choice and essay writing components. Similarly, to study for these tests, there are five multiple-choice and short-answer GED coursebooks you can complete, one for each section, with a sixth book for essay writing practice.

After completing the GED coursework of lessons and accompanying shorter tests, you can take longer, timed GED practice tests for each section, to help you experience what taking the actual tests will feel like and to better gauge your level of preparedness and comfort not only with the subject matter of each section but with the test-taking experience itself. For example, if you understand and successfully complete math problems in your coursework but are unable to solve them in the practice test environment, your GED test preparation may also include some relaxation techniques to calm your test anxiety.

When you think you're ready to write the GED test, you must make an appointment to do so at an approved test facility.