High School

Get credits through an online high school

If you're a high school student or the parent of one, you likely already know that computer technology is an integral part of learning, both in and out of the classroom. Among other constructive educational uses, the Internet can provide students with access to research resources, primary documents and tutoring forums as well as collaborative communication with their peers and teachers.


However, more and more students are using the Internet not only to improve their success in their brick and mortar high school classes, but also to take credit courses that are 100 percent online.

Advantages of Taking Virtual Classes

There are a ton of benefits to online classes. Besides the obvious scholastic upsides, such as the opportunity to improve a grade in a previously taken course, or to take a course not currently offered by your school, perhaps the most significant advantage is the flexibility online courses can offer in both their curriculum and their schedule.

With an online course's curriculum, you might have more options in what you study; for example, where in a traditional high school English class everyone reads the same novel at the same time, in an online English course you might have several novels to choose from.

For students whose days are balanced between time devoted to schoolwork and time devoted to extracurriculars like sports, school council, music lessons or the drama club, the flexibility of being able to complete coursework in their spare time and, in many cases, even at their own pace is extremely important.

Disadvantages of Online High School Classes

One disadvantage of online high school courses is that not all of them are available to everyone -- some are only for students already currently enrolled in high school. If you have already graduated but would like to improve your grade in a course or take new courses, make sure you choose an online high school program that offers independent study courses that fit these circumstances.

If you have not completed your grade 12 and are no longer in school, you should look for a certified online high school program that specializes in high school completion or, alternatively, for a GED program.

Also, the availability of online courses may make it easier for you to overestimate the workload you can reasonably handle; you don't want to bite off more courses than you can chew, so to speak. If you are currently a high school student, then to take online courses for credit in addition to your in-school curriculum, you may have to get permission from your parents and principal, especially if you are a full-time student.