Back to School

Everything you need for your child's return to the classroom

It happens every year: back to school time. Your child may dread it, but that doesn't mean you have to! Don't let back to school shopping ruin the last days of summer for you and your kids. Check out our great resources on tackling the malls as you search to find the best back to school deals.

Clothing is a crucial part of any child's back to school experience - whether it's grade school or high school, many kids feel that their "look" can make or break their experience. So, how do you get the style they're looking for without emptying your wallet? We'll let you know with our article on finding the best fall deals on the hottest fall fashions.


Don't forget, it wouldn't be back to school without binders, notebooks and all the gear it takes to get kids back into the classroom. We're here to help you find the best prices on all the essentials - and give you a look at the gear all kids want before heading back to the hallways!

Back to School Shopping Made Easy

Even though you may be looking forward to having peace and quiet in the house during the day once again, back to school shopping is standing in your way. This can be a complex, frustrating and tiring undertaking, so you should always begin by making a checklist of the items your children need.

Start with school supplies. Make sure you get plenty of notepaper, pens, pencils, binders and computer printing supplies as well as any supplemental educational software your child may need to use at home. It is the student's responsibility to ensure he or she is properly prepared for classes, so if your child attends a school that has additional or non-traditional school supply requirements, call in to make sure you're sending your son or daughter off ready to learn.

Kids these days are worrying about how they look at younger and younger ages, so don't be surprised when yours wants to make sure he or she looks good for back to school. Many a summer has ended with a parent-child clothes shopping trip, but if your son or daughter is reaching an age where he or she wants more independence, you might also consider setting a budget and letting your child do his or her own clothes shopping.