Kids Education

Solutions for your child's education

From the time your baby is born, he or she is constantly learning - it's no surprise, then, that so many parents start planning early for all phases of their children's education.

What can you do to put your child on the path toward higher learning? We're here to help with articles on all areas of your child's education, from finding great deals on back to school clothes and supplies to starting a savings program to help cover the increasing costs of post-secondary education.


Take the lead in your child's development and help as he or she learns the three R's and so much more. Every child learns at a unique pace, but if you feel your child could use a little help, we've got information on tutors, learning disabilities and even home schooling - written by people who know what you're going through.

Watching your child grow and learn, from kindergarten to college, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a parent. Get involved and give your child the right tools to help him or her get the most out of life and learning.

Children's Education Options

In this section, you can learn about the different education options available to your child, from public and private schools to home schooling and tutoring. Each separate approach to education has its own set of advantages and drawbacks to consider, and you'll find information that will help you choose the educational path that may be best for your son or daughter.

If you're unsure how to fund a specialized education, you can also learn more about the various types of loans and tuition assistance programs available. You can plan for the financial responsibilities of every phase of your child's education, from kindergarten to college.

We've also compiled a great deal of practical information for everyday concerns, like back-to-school shopping and how to help your child with difficult subjects. You'll find tips on helping your child become a better reader, encouraging him or her to perform their best on their SATs, and how to design a curriculum for home tutoring or schooling. If your child has a learning disability, you can find read information on how to address his or her special needs.

Education is enormously important to every child's development. Take advantage of tools that help you plan ahead, anticipate challenges and find solutions to the questions that every student faces during his or her scholastic career.